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East-West-Relations - Quality

About Us

RBP-PowerSystems GmbH, founded in 1993, with its business unit "East-West-Relations" is a qualified supplier for industrial factories of the following trade sectors:

- Mechanical Engineering and Gear Manufacturing

- Automobile Manufacturers and Suppliers,

- Electrical Industry and Switchgear System Companies,

- Transport and Materials Handling Technology

- Textile Machines

- Marine Engineering

- Gas Industry

- Welding, Valve and Compressed Air Techniques.

In our factories in Europe and Asia we manufacture structural parts and modules at an extremely attractive price-performance ratio, paying stringent attention to customer specific specifications concerning process safety and reliability. Our motto is quality and reliability. An essential part of our global company strategy is the confidence-building international partnership with our customers and the manufacturing companies.Quality-assuring measures, competitive prices and reliable logistics are our guidelines to guarantee highest customer benefit .






Quality Management and Quality Assurance:The permanent contact between our factories and our customers as well as regular training and continuous quality control result in high quality standard. By continuous supervision and attendance of the production process we create process safety even for exceptional customer- and item-specific demands.
Our factories are ISO 9001 and API certified. The internal quality control prior to delivery to our customers is just one step within our quality management.