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East-West-Relations - Quality

Forging and Pressing Parts

We manufacture and process forging and pressing parts as per your requirements also by CNC-controlled machining centers.


Product Examples:
- Flanges for Pipe Connections
- Components for Gear Units, Motors and Chassis
- Hand Tools
- Eyelet Bolts
- Valve Flaps, Rocker Levers
- Tool Manufacturing

- Standard Steel
- Copper-Nickel-Compound
- Polyacetal
- Aluminium
- High-quality Stainless Steel
- Non-ferrous Metal

Industrial Sectors:
- Mechanical Engineering
- Automobile Suppliers
- Vehicle Engineering
- Medical Technology
- Precision Engineering
- Textile Industry
- Marine Engineering

Parts for Switchgear Systems
Cathode Copper, thermo-pressed and finished.
Weight: 200 g

Fitting for mounting at the ceiling made of brass, M16 x 1.5,
Weight: 60 g

Key element made of brass,
Press casting, polished
Weight 20 g